What is Growing Pains?

Life is hard, and so is growing up - no matter how old we are.

Growing Pains is a newsletter all about the sometimes painful, sometimes brilliant process of becoming a fully-fledged human being, brought to you directly from the brain of someone trying her best to be just that.

Who writes it?

Growing Pains is written by me, Sophie Butcher.

I’m a freelance writer living in the North East of England, and my work mainly focuses on film and TV. This newsletter is my outlet for talking about life outside of that.

I’m currently under the mentorship of Ben Travis, Online Staff Writer at EMPIRE magazine, and my film writing can be found on publications including Flip ScreenScreen QueensOne Room With A View and The Film Magazine.

You can see all of my work on my website, and follow me on Twitter or Instagram if you like.

What do I get if I subscribe?

A short personal essay delivered straight to your inbox, full of the stuff that won’t stay in my head. There may also be some recommendations for what I’ve been watching, reading or listening to.

Hopefully speak to you soon!

All my best,